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Wedding Ring RentalWedding ring sample rental service


In online counseling, we lend out ring samples to customers who request them.
After payment of ¥10,000 security deposit and confirmation of the usage loan agreement by the electronic contract service CloudSign, we will send the ring sample to the address you entered. Our staff will provide counseling using an online conference tool such as Zoom so that you can purchase with confidence while viewing the actual product.

After selecting the date and time from the reservation system below, check "Ring sample request" and enter your name, phone number, and shipping address.
In order to prepare for delivery, please make a reservation at least one week in advance. Due to the limited number, we may contact you regarding your reservation date and time.
At a later date, the staff will send you an email with instructions on how to settle the security deposit and a loan agreement. We will deliver as soon as we can confirm the payment and the conclusion of the contract.
*Please return the ring kit within one week after receiving it.

About refund of security deposit

[In the case of a contract]
When you pay for the wedding ring, you will be asked to pay the difference after deducting the security deposit from the price.

[If the contract is not concluded]
After confirming the return of the kit, we will process the refund.

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