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SIRI SIRI's wedding ring series, which has been chosen by couples who are on a journey full of creativity, such as the "Dialogue" series, which is modeled after the lines created by each other's hands, and the "TRIANGLE", which features a geometric form. "SIRI SIRI Wedding Bands".

From 2021, the new "SEA / SKY" has been added to the collection. To commemorate the new release, SIRI SIRI will hold the WINTER WEDDING FAIR from Saturday, February 6th.

As a bonus, we have prepared a SIRI SIRI original wood tray. The simple design of the ring and the warmth of the wood will match any interior. How about putting it on your bedside and keeping the ring in place before going to bed?

For wedding ring orders, you can visit our Akasaka directly managed store, or you can make an online session with SIRI SIRI staff by phone, email, or zoom.

Please contact us if you are a distant customer, or if you are considering safety and refrain from coming to the store.

Click here for a list of wedding rings.

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