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Pop-up | 2022.04.29


Contemporary design and natural materials,
SIRI SIRI presents jewelry that combines surprising Japanese craftsmanship.

This is the first exhibition of SIRI SIRI Bontanique, a botanical object brand produced by SIRI SIRI.
With the theme of "wind" from "light, water and wind", which are essential elements for plants,
We have collected products suitable for the season when the wind is fragrant.

SIRI SIRI Bontanique directs the space where the wind passes through.
My Cup of Tea prepared Tizanne (herbal tea) for the rich aroma drifting in the wind.

SIRI SIRI products include scarves blowing in the wind, new HOTOLI jewelry,
We will sell archived items from the past that are limited to POP UP SHOP and cannot be seen at our directly managed stores.

Also, in the space behind the gallery,
We will also hold a mobile production workshop using dead stock parts that did not become SIRI SIRI products, and a workshop to make a frame using pressed flowers produced by Bontanique.

Ladies and gentlemen, please spend a wonderful time with us.

■ Date and time:
2022/5/20-21 11:00-20:00
5/22 11:00-19:00

■ Location: BONUS TRACK ( 2-36-12-15 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo )

①SIRI SIRI mobile workshop Choose your favorite parts,
We create objects that sway in the wind.
You can also enjoy the history of glass parts and the secret story of SIRI SIRI jewelry production.

[Date and time] May 21 (Sat) 11:00- / 13:00- / 16:00-
[Capacity] 4 people per session [Participation fee] ¥4,400 (tax included)
[How to apply] Peatix

Click here to make a reservation (Peatix)

②SIRI SIRI Botanique Press Flower Workshop Choose your favorite flower material,
We will make a transparent frame.
You can also enjoy talking about flowers, such as how to decorate flowers and where to decorate them.

[Date and Time] May 22 (Sun) 11:00- / 14:00-
[Capacity] 4 people per session [Participation fee] ¥7,700 (tax included)
[How to apply] Peatix

Click here to make a reservation (Peatix)

My Cup of Tea
With its roots in Lithuania, in addition to procuring and providing tea leaves and herbs from all over the world,
We make our original Tisanne blend. Our Tisanne blend is made with a unique recipe that can be enjoyed in modern life while valuing tradition.
Because it is carefully blended by hand, you can enjoy the rich taste of nature's blessings along with the fresh scent of herbs.

SIRI SIRI Botanique
A brand of botanical objects produced by SIRI SIRI.
Feeling the energy of plants and touching their shapes enriches our sensibilities every day.
SIRI SIRI offers workshops and product sales that propose botanical objects that add color to everyday life.

Inquiries about reservations: Email or call 03-6821-7771

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