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SIRI SIRI Looking for production partners

Info | 2021.08.01

SIRI SIRI Looking for production partners

For 15 years since the brand was established, SIRI SIRI has been working on manufacturing that proposes a more intelligent and rich way of life, centered on jewelry. At its core is the combination of contemporary design and Japanese craftsmanship. Until now, we have spent time working on product development and building partnerships with craftsmen of various materials and techniques, such as glass, cut glass, rattan, woodwork, acrylic, metal, hemp and bamboo. I want SIRI SIRI products to be something that colors someone's time and life and enriches them beautifully. For this reason, it is very important for us to meet creators who can face each product and pursue high quality together.

From now on, I would like to continue to challenge new creations while cherishing such encounters.

Partnerships with creators support SIRI SIRI's creativity. SIRI SIRI is looking for a wide range of production partners in order to provide high quality products and a production system to deliver products to more people. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who have an understanding of materials, interest, and technology, as well as those who sympathize with SIRI SIRI's jewelry and brand philosophy.

* Talk event scheduled to be held regularly
Schedule and details will be announced on News / SNS at any time.
Next time: 9/11 (Sat)

"Application Requirements"

◼︎Eligibility/Required Skills ・Those who are interested in SIRI SIRI's jewelry and who can sympathize with the brand philosophy ・Anyone with at least 2 years of manufacturing experience, regardless of material or technique ・Age or gender does not matter Those who can communicate smoothly online

*Regardless of location. We will recruit widely from all over the country. ︎

◼︎Consignment manufacturing outsourcing *Details at interview.

■Details of the request ・It is a job to give shape to the designer's image with the technology you have.
・The size of the order varies depending on the product.
・The product in charge will be decided based on suitability after meetings and trial production.
・The size of the request is determined while consulting with other work and activities.
*Details will be discussed at interview.

◼︎No application deadline

◼︎ How to apply Please contact with the title "Recruitment of production partners".
When applying, please be sure to attach the following information.
①Profile (name, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, career history)
②Motivation for entry ③Photos of past works (3 or more) or portfolio

*Please feel free to contact for inquiries.

◼︎ Post-application process
1. Apply by email
2. Contact by email from the person in charge
3. Interview (online, etc. if necessary)
4. Start requesting after prototyping

Person in charge: Fukuda

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