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International Women's Day mimosa swag gift

Shop Event | 2023.03.04

International Women's Day mimosa swag gift

March 8th is the United Nations International Women's Day.

SIRI SIRI, which proposes products that are close to such people, realizing a society where women can be independent and freely choose their work and way of life, agrees with this vision and will hold a campaign commemorating this day again this year.

We will donate 20% of our online store sales over the two days of March 8th (Wednesday) and March 9th (Thursday) to the Syrian emergency aid of the international NGO Plan International, which protects the rights of women and children.

In Italy, it is customary to give mimosas on International Women's Day.
SIRI SIRI will present [Mimosa mini swag] made by SIRI SIRI to the first 10 customers who purchased this year as a token of gratitude.

Why don't you support women's power to live through shopping at SIRI SIRI? Please take this opportunity to contribute.

〈Syria Emergency Assistance〉
Plan International is providing emergency relief to areas in northwestern Syria hardest hit by the 6 February 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake, with the protection of today's children, especially girls, as a top priority. are being implemented. This year SIRI SIRI will donate to this support.
Click here for details.

Began distributing blankets and mattresses

<What is International NGO Plan International?>
Plan International is an international NGO that works to bring out the innate strengths of girls to bring about positive change in local communities and resolve issues facing the world. Active in over 75 countries around the world. With a global network and a wealth of knowledge based on many years of experience, we are working to realize a world where girls, who tend to be in a vulnerable position, are respected and can choose their own lives independently.
International NGO Plan International

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