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“Cinema Japonesque”,
“Admiration for Japan” gained in Europe <Part 2>

Collection 2020.03.07

An ensemble drama drawn from an Asian perspective

The form in which each series is assembled is the result of the image of "group images" that has been warmed up since 2017. In movies and plays, ensemble dramas are works that depict multiple people at the same time instead of an individual, and have an ending that does not have a big ending but that changes depending on the person. Okamoto also took in the essence of it by replacing it with an Asian perspective and a Western perspective.

For example, even in psychological tests that capture the relationship between motifs, Westerners tend to specialize in motifs, but Asians have a group-image perspective that includes the environment. What I wanted to create was a new world that would change by half a step by integrating various materials and motifs.

SIRI SIRI's first wardrobe is the item that is the axis of such thoughts. “Even if it is difficult to wear a kimono in the summer, I want to create something that can be worn with the beauty and coolness of kimono fabric.” President Takayuki Yajima said, "It's okay to have various interpretations of the concept of kimono."

The fabric is THE YARD's original Hamamatsu cotton linen fabric. In addition to its cool appearance, it is characterized by good ventilation due to the texture (unevenness) processing. In addition, the most conscious design was the width of the fabric. Okamoto believes that the reason why kimono fabrics have a long history but have been difficult to apply to clothes is the 40 cm standard for looms (common fabrics are 90, 110, and 140 cm). However, rather than distorting the width of clothes, I wanted to transform it into an advantage, so I worked with a pattern maker to create patterns that make use of the “meetings” that are characteristic of Asian clothing. At the final stage, I noticed a difference in the firmness between the sample fabric and the actual fabric, so I had a hard time adjusting the shoulders and cuffs, but in the end, an elegant design with a contrast between the roundness and tension was completed.

In addition, new RADEN series jewelry and ARABESQUE series bags will be released.

First of all, from RADEN, there is a white pearl shell item. White lacquer with a refreshing blue color is the point. The design is made simpler by reducing the existing motif. In addition, the metal body has the same shape as the white mother of pearl shell motif, which is an irresistible trick for fans. RADEN has now become an indispensable signature series for SIRI SIRI. In order to enhance the lineup, we adopted blue as a color that gives a refreshing feeling in summer, just like the wardrobe.

In fact, this color is said to have been proposed by Mr. Yoshiki Matsuda, a craftsman who works on RADEN. Since the color of the existing blue lacquer sinks blackish, it is made by mixing "bright blue with pearl particles" and "white" lacquer that have been kneaded by hand for about two hours. That's why you can enjoy the delicate and elegant charm while being simple enough for everyday use.

A clutch bag made of bamboo and rattan from the ARABESQUE series. At first, I was thinking of using only bamboo, but for various reasons, I decided to use a combination of bamboo and leather rattan sheets. In addition to the delicate finishing by craftsman Yasuko Okayasu, the boldly bent handle and curved parts of the mouth also show the skill of the craftsman who handles normal handles. It started with a rounded Western-style design, and after a considerable amount of trial and error, it became the current design with a Japanese feel. Rattan is completed by fusing natural materials and shapes. According to Okamoto, this made him realize once again the importance of designing by hand, rather than drawing, because it is an unpredictable material. However, it is this material and sense of mixing that really captures the essence of the “group” the most.

SIRI SIRI started in 2006. At that time, the movement to evaluate Japanese design was still weak, and there was a tendency to admire Western European design like France and Italy. However, the trend has changed considerably. "Cinema Japonesque" incorporates the influences that have been received in Japan and overseas, including social changes. In addition to the new challenge of announcing a wardrobe, the Japanese elements were strongly emphasized for the first time. Okamoto says, "I'm worried, but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction I get."

A collection that will be a new step as a jewelry brand.
A new world is drawn that looks the same as before, but moves only half a step.

Written by Sanae Kimura Photo (C) Takashi Kawashima

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